Friday, 12 August 2016

Welcome to my PTSD hell!


A few things you need to know before reading on...
  1. I will be brutally honest!  I'm not going to spare a detail as there is no point.  If you're going to know you need to know the whole story.
  2. I will swear.  Look at the topic.  This blog isn't going to be 'family friendly'!  This is a blog for me to vent and say how I feel and also to give tips and advice not for a child to scroll through when they are bored.
  3. All hate will be blocked with immediate effect.  No second chances.  I'm used to the hate and I've learned to handle it but a. I shouldn't have to and b. its upsetting for everyone and we just don't want to see it.
  4. I never use names.  Everything I say is 100% truthful so I never use names (or if I really have to I use fake ones) to protect those involved.
I've suffered in silence with PTSD for 14 years and in that time I have learned that in the UK we are crap when it comes to PTSD and mental health.  It takes us too long to diagnose it and when we do there is this taboo around it and people don't seem to know how to deal with them so this blog is there to raise a bit of awareness and hopefully teach people what to do and to show people they are not alone.

Before I go on I want to thank the person who gave me the courage to start this blog and who inspired me to.  As with everyone on this blog they will remain anonymous but yesterday I was on twitter when she was being nosy and asked what I was doing and watched me while I retweeted a post about hypersensitivity and how loud, high pitched or repetitive noised can be triggers and captioned it "I wish more people got the hint!" and she said they never will.  It made me think somethings got to change.  Later that day I had a panic attack and we spoke a bit more after that and that gave me the confidence to say yeah, fuck it! I'll do it! And so here I am.

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