Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Level Results Day

The day is upon us.  A day worse than the apocalypse.  A level results day.  I'm fucking petrified and I don't have a uni place riding on this.  I just have my place at sixth form and a future uni place.

Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck to everyone and I hope you all do awesome and try to chill.  Just think, whats done is done.  Your results are already in that envelope and by the time you've got them your teachers and universities and everything will already have seen it so there is no point stressing about what you can't change.

Also, I would like to say it is still perfectly fine to be a bit anxious and I'd be worried if you weren't because that means you're either a really cocky shit or you couldn't give a rats arse and seeing as neither of those are me we shall stress together! Try and get some sleep, chill and have a nice breakfast.  Treat yourself!  It will help you unwind.  Personally the idea of a bacon butty is sounding pretty damned good if I can get the money together!

Hope you all do well and if this is the end and you're off to uni or wherever I hope you get your top choice.  Let me know where you get in! I'm a nosy little fucker! (Plus still choosing my options if there are any uni's out there that want to pitch their marine or human biology course to me again!)


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