Saturday, 10 September 2016


Can I just make something clear.  When I say I have no money I mean I have a couple of pence in the bank not millions as people seem to think.  I'm fed up of being told I must have money, I have a job.  The other day i was compared to someone else who is payed the same as me and earns the same as me and was reminded how she's always bragging about how much she has and how it must be because she was used to worse pay.  I then had to sit there and explain to this person that actually I have to pay for everything.  She didn't seem to get the hint and it actually really upset me.

Just to sum up this month to show you why I am so broke:

Paid £70

-£50 for phone bill
-£25 for biology text books
-£25 for sociology textbooks
-£30 for clothes (yes it was a necessary expense including work shoes and trust me, I buy as cheap as possible)
-£100 for driving lessons
-Money for lunch.  Oh wait, I couldn't afford it.

Lets add this up shall we?  So I'm loaded, right?

Bank balance: -£160

If I'm so rich why am I so badly broke?

To cover costs I've had to embarrassingly grovel to teachers for help with textbooks, get my mum to pay for driving lessons and borrow money for clothes.  Now who's so rich?

And for those who think i can just go to my parents can I remind you that they don't work.  My mum is disabled and my dad's her carer.  There is no money so please don't talk to me about money.  It is a sore point and never accuse me of lying about how much money I have.   In case you missed, I can't even afford to get lunch when I'm at work or school.  Welcome to the reality of my life.

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